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Robert Ficano Making Changes in Wayne County he says The Buck stops with him !
That he has to be careful who he surrounds his self with. Department heads is what he
talk about Today 11/2/11 Many questions not touch. There's still & FBI probe going on
so  We have to wait . but for now the buck stops with Ficano.
Detroit City Charter passes
Conversion  Of Detroit Muslims won't
happen. Why do Jews/Christians taunt Muslims
Detroit Mi

Has been doing things wrong for so long no
one took The Time to fix it.

It's been all about the individual never about
the city.

But don't be fooled Detroit their is a lot of
money being spent in Detroit.
Crisis Detroit Mi The city where the blood
suckers roam. They have suck Detroit dry
Working Out to be Healthy ?
Can be done by  Dance, Yoga, African Dance
1).Make an effort

2). Count on you to get  your self  together.

3). Make your Own Mind Up don't be forced
by other people.

4). Take it easy on your self,  this didn't
happen over night ?

5) Make a Schedule that works for you, I
know It may sound selfish ok ,Look trying
to help someone else got you no where.

6). It's OK to put your self first.

7). It's a great thing to feel good about you
Love your self Sisters .

8).Make a Voice of your self telling you it's
all right to have a good time exercising,   
along with  a list of your favorite  Mp3
songs that you Love & make it happen.

Weight Loss Hurdle for
Blacks No Longer a Mystery

Foods that sabotage your metabolism?  
The great
white hazards,salt, refined carbs, white
flour, white rice, white
fatty cuts of red meat, whole dairy
products,fried foods and butter  are
metabolic busters

Foods that hurt your insulin while making
your insulin more sluggish,
This causes Our insulin to become resistant
and again, this is horrible.
Our metabolism slows down this makes it
easy to gain weight, or hard to lose weight.

Make a plan that you can stick to, Slowly
yourself away from the foods that's stills
Our Lives, or putting you on lots
of Medications to live.

This is not a diet it's a Life Style.
1) New Laws 2) Emergency Manger EM  3) Bankruptcy  4)Duggan Mayor
Historical Racism in Detroit MI Is still The Current Event
The Politicians do a great job of making Detroiters feel less by the way of racism, It's used in Detroit
Mi to keep it's residents down. Detroit never get the basic services that most Americans get, Police,
Lights, Transportation or even public notice due to politicians saying Detroit can't read.  Right now in
Mid Town Detroit we have people moving in on reduce rent or free rent opening business and going
on the news saying how cheep it is to live in the inner city & run a business. Thats a slap in the face
of the people that live here no one sent out information to Detroiters to move in Mid Town to open a
business at a reduce rate. It's racism in the eyes of the people that live here.

Not saying we don't want these people here but make it fair for the people that live here, Open up
some opportunities for the down trotted people. Why is it so easy to open up  for suburbanites but
so hard for the very people that live here ?  Red tape is the law for Blacks, historical racism is still
alive in Detroit Mi current events.
Ginnnah Muhammad
Detroit is now being push over by Semantics & Racism
Hold your hats, Hold your weaves, semantics & racism is coming at the residents in full force in Detroit
Mi, but let me say we want change in the city but not just for some but for All, but with semantics at
play Detroit you may get dupe once again. Racism holds Blacks back and it's been like this for 45
years in Detroit. 500 years in America, But now we have semantics at play linguistically putting a spin
on words right in our face. Will this help The residents, The Violence, Stereo types, Red tapes &
Psychological War Fare ? My guess is NO. Here is the choices our Politicians have......

1) Consent Decree
means follow this set of laws court order.
2) Emergency Manger means  follow this set of laws.
3) Bankruptcy means follow this set of laws.

Detroit is dieing for change, The city has been lawless for many years you can look at the destruction
and you can see that anything goes here.  All around Detroit the laws work to a point, Where there is
still crime in the burbs but not Lawlessness.  The wounds are so deep here in Detroit that the people
choose to live with no services, no laws along with flawed politicians. It has gotten so bad that now the
politicians crimes is so high, We see our leaders going to jail daily. Our elected officials put us in an
variable state. No control of our own city. The politicians now have 3 choices to move Detroit MI into the
21st century. Will this give us a better life ? Only time will tell, but what is factual is that one of the 3
will be Detroit's New  way of life. The Question is will it help Detroiters ?
                                                                                   Ginnnah Muhammad
People to Watch
Crisis in Detroit Mi The city where the blood suckers roam. They
have suck Detroit dry, yet they still want more........
Can Detroit have a Real Metamorphosis ?

Here is the list from real Detroiters
1) Ambulance Trucks
2) Reliable Public Transportation
3) Police/911 system that works for the Residents Of Detroit MI
4) Real Play Grounds for The Children Swings, Water Fountains
5) Name Brand Grocery Stores
6) Laws That Work(For Example) A)Striping/Scraping homes & business B)No Graffiti C)Taking down Blight
D) Get RID of known Drug Houses E)LEGALIZED Prostitution F)Real Gun Laws G)Illegal Dumping
H)Dog Licensing enforcement
7) Get illegal guns off the streets of Detroit MI
8) Loud Music Nuisance Laws
9) Recycle Bins
10) Clean the Streets of Trash,Tall Grass
11) Detroit Mall with real Stores for shopping.

This list is not hard in America for American Citizens but for some reason all politicians in
The State Of Michigan feel the need to enrich themselves with over the top Contracts, over the top

This Metamorphosis for Detroit is gone to require a collective obligation from the very politician
that put Detroit in this discombobulated state.  With all it's misrepresentation from paperwork
to simple laws.

The same politicians running for a new office or moving to another city office must stop.
It's despicable to 90% of Detroiters to see this forum of nonchalant arrogance from our leaders.
Most of Detroiters don't see a future with the currant politicians democratic or republicans.
                                                                                                    Gin'nnah Muhammad

Detroit Mi does have American Citizens
Looking for a Nortay ?
Look no further
Travel not a problem
Call 313 205 6168
Please re-fresh page each time you visit
11 RULES to a Happy Islamic Marriage

1) Keep ALLAH First & Follow the Sunnah of Prophet Muhammad (SAW)

2) Make a contract of what you expect of your Spouse hold him/her

3) Look to the good in your Spouse, What makes you happy with him/her,
Never make the worst your focal point.

4) Never blame each other be first to stand up in the wrong admit what happen
If your the blame, If your Spouse is the blame give him/her time to take
ownership If he/she doesn't then break it to them in your best manners.

5) Talk to each other not at each other, share your thoughts. Smile at each other.

6) Use all your best manners for your Spouse.

7) Know your rights within Islam if your Muslim then this is your guide.

8) Have fun with your Spouse do the things each other likes.

9) Take some couple time to love and support each other.

10) Never take one for granite humble your self to your Spouse. Let go
feel free to Love each other.

11) Pray together cried to ALLAH for what your needs are,
Pray for your short coming,forgiveness,togetherness most of all Pray for
ALLAH'S Mercy on your soul

Islamic Counseling available by appointment  Only
Their is an hourly rate. Please call for more information
248 497 8443
Detroit Has a New Police Chief,James Craig
Motivation is has strong point.
Here is Ginnnah's predictions for 2013 of what will happen to Detroit MI future
       The Biggest Farce In America

You can get a education after age 27 ? Or even when your 65 leaning is infinite.
You can start a new career after age 27 or even after age 50. You can even play most
sports till around age 40. Skin care, Good Looks is a thing you work on your whole life.
So far would you say I'm right ? Staying in good health is a life long battle. Most
people don't get a gym membership till age 30 due too your metabolism being in
great shape.  Learning the brids & the bees. Finding what you like & don't like.  By now
you can tell where I'm going with this bolg ?

For most young people not all are in good health and may your higher power bless
your medications to heel your condition if you're not.

But most young people are not on med's for poor health conditions. This farce kills
communities. Changes your human inclinations, Forced many young people on med's
that may cause them long term illnesses in the long run.

This farce force a lot of young people into the streets of crime, many sex
partners,drinking druging even jail time.
Most people will tell you your young live your life. What does that mean ?

Time is just ticking away for Men due to low libido, low sperm count, sexually
transmitted disease, erectile dysfunction, fertility, pre ejaculation so many things to
hold a Man back from having kids.

Time is ticking for Women due to STDs, abortions, infertility, miscarriages,stress,
clearing your body of birth controll chemicals can take upto a year, Age stop many
Women the gift of pro creation.

Don't let the nay sayers stop you  from having kids. Go for it the best sex is married
sex. Marriage is good, Children are good.

So what are you wating on young people ? Start your families before, age, money,
health creep on you.  I say go for it while you're young eveything else you have plenty
on time to do. Don't let the farce stop you
                                                                             Ginnnah Muhammad
The American Muslimah
The American Muslimah
The Ginnnah Muhammad Talk Show.Com
How does Detroit move forward? If you look around Detroit  The Politicians never enforced the laws went
to the dogs. Thieves took over as Jails sit empty. Detroit is full of criminals walking around  with no
jobs and tethers. The Criminals in this day in age make money for the City as well as the State,  It's a
money system now instead of a correctable system.  89% of The Judges in Wayne County give repeat
offenders a slap on the wrist.  As they sat back and watch, this  makes Detroiters feel like they are
getting bonus to keep Offenders on the streets  Or is this a tactic to move the rest of Detroiters out of
the city... Their was a shooting at the 6TH Precinct in Detroit  MI by Lamar Moore soon after DPD lock
the doors, Now The Citizens can no longer walk into Detroit Precincts.  All of this crime,locking citizens
out of Police precincts is happing under Chief Godbee watch. Police don't come nor can you make a
report till after 4PM at any precinct. Godbee is being called out by one of Detroit Mi worst department
heads City Council.  1) There was a gun found in the county jail that's right in The County Jail.   2)Their
is no Tax base to pay City Workers.  So please take the SHACKLES OFF DETROIT RES ANKLES  an give
Detroit the service that any city gives to it's citizens........ 3) But their's one problem Detroit is full of
repeat offenders so Government treats the city of Detroit as a jail house but please tell me who or
where is the Turnkey
                                                                                                 Gin'nnah Muhammad
Take the SHACKLES off Detroiters calling for Turnkey
The American Muslimah I'm Happy I'm Free